PPT Dure does not only make and sell paint. We are a solution provider and for that we have developed a number of value adding services. Services like:

R&D services

PPT Dure puts a strong emphasis on the applied R&D. We have successfully developed tailor-made paints for our customers, who could not find any suitable paint on the market. We co-operate with universities, research institutes, raw material suppliers, painting equipment suppliers and can therefore provide comprehensive support to our customers whether it is a minor modification of paint properties, new paint/paint system, spray booth or fully automatized robot painting. Naturally, our technical support is available for any advanced painting issues you are facing.


PPT Dure provides basic training about our paints, their properties, recommended painting techniques, possibilities and limitations. Typically, we are training painters, supervisors and sales employees. Training varies from 2-6 hours depending on the experience, the complexity of the application and on the purpose of the training. We have facilities for 6-10 people but are more than happy to provide the same training on customer premises. We have possibilities to provide test painting either on paint booth or out in the ambient climate. Please let us know what is your goal and we prepare a training for your needs.

Delivering paint

We can provide delivery options based on your preferences; pick-up from our site, delivered to your nearest pick-up point, directly to your premises or worksite, Ex-Works, FOB, DAP etc. Just let us know which delivery option is the most convenient for you.

Tinting services

Our topcoats are typically tinted to our own PP-colours, RAL Classic, RAL Design or NCS. We frequently tint customer specific colours, which do not fit any standard colour chart. If you need a custom-made colour feel free to contact us.

Technical support

Are you painting a new or unknown material or do you want to repaint a surface that has an old unknown paint on it and you do not know how to proceed? No problem, we will help you to overcome your challenges. You can find solutions from our frequently asked questions or you can contact our technical support group here.


Do you need an official surface treatment inspection? With help of our large contact network we can organize up to Frosio inspector level III inspection and reporting for the surface pre-treatment or paint application.

Advanced services

If you have a very supply-sensitive paint procedures we can provide you with a customized supply solution. Perhaps a consignment-type warehouse at your premises? We have ability to provide recycling services for your paint waste as well as for unused paint. Just ask us and we will find a solution together with you.