Thinners and hardeners

Poradur Dilux is an acrylic thinner that is fully compatible with all PORADUR products. It can be used to adjust the paint’s viscosity, cleaning of the painted surface and cleaning of the painting equipment. Enclosed the safety data sheet of the thinner.

PORADUR H-Ero is a hardener based on aliphatic isocyanides (HDI) and can be used in combination with all PORADUR paints. Enclosed the safety data sheet of the hardener.

PORADUR H-Rapid is a hardener with enhanced curing time. H-Rapid is compatible with most of our paints but you should pay extra attention to the painting conditions. Please contact our technical support group before you want to buy this hardener. Enclosed the safety data sheet of the fast hardener.

PORADUR H-Dixo is a hardener for our putties. H-Dixo is solvent free and based on aliphatic isocyanates. Enclosed the product’s safety data sheet.