Industries and Applications

Most of our paints are two component products that are based on a polyurethane reaction. Polyurethane paints are particularly recommended for application that experience high levels of wear-and-tear and where excellent chemical resistance is required.

Based on the 40+ years of paint-design experience of our co-founder, Petri Porras, PoraColors has developed a broad array of paint solutions (PORADUR), tailored for different applications. Our paints are widely used throughout different industries and provide exceptional resistance to weathering and provide at the same time a high quality finish, no matter the base material. Our paints adhere well to aluminium, steel, iron, hard plastics, glass fibre, as well as electro-galvanized surfaces.

Different industries operate in different environmental circumstances and require therefore different application solutions.

For each application area we provide a range of special base and top coats, single layer paints, clear coats, hardeners, solvents, putties and additional services.

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Industrial paints

For industrial applications, we offer paint systems based on the traditional base and top coat paints but we provide also time-saving one-layer solutions. The selection for a particular paint system depends heavily on the demands a paint layer needs to withstand. Demands such as long-term surface aesthetics, UV resistance, mechanical strength, chemical resistance and the general ambient corrosiveness. Of course, the solution also depends on other variables e.g.: Your facilities, the location where you paint (inside or outside), if you paint new OEM equipment or if you are re-painting existing products/machinery, etc. The paint itself is just one part in a larger puzzle.

Our industrial paint solution (named PORADUR) is especially suited for on-site painting. The fast-drying two-component paint system can be applied wet-on-wet, which ensures faster painting procedures without the need for extra heating.

Our solvent and hardener are universally applicable and can be utilized with all our paints. This means ease and simplicity for the painter and it minimizes the risk for mistakes happening.

In addition: The wide weather dependent application window, from freezing up to 60°C and air humidity from 20 to 90%, enables professional painting activities throughout the different seasons, even in an extremer climate such as the Nordics.

Our tinting system covers RAL Classic and Design colours, NCS, and our own PP-colour series. If your colour is not in any of these colour systems we gladly provide our colour matching service to get you the colour you need.

To achieve the best, overall efficiency you have to consider time, costs and quality together when selecting paint system. We are more than happy to support you with selecting the optimal paint system for you.

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Car paints

PoraColors’ car paint range consists of different base coats, fillers, top coats and clear coats. We offer a wide selection of standard colours but special colours can always be created upon request.

Our paints are especially suitable for refinish paint jobs; easy to apply, universal adhesion on different materials, and long-lasting weather resistance.


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Marine paints

Marine paints require an extra resilience to the environment in which they are used as their face some of the toughest conditions with respect to temperature, ice, salt and corrosion.

Especially for this application we developed our two component polyurethane based marine paints that are able to deal with the harshest of marine environments.

This paint is fast drying, even in lower ambient temperatures, so winter dry-dock repairs are not an issue. And due to its high solid content (> 70%) this paint is also an environmental-friendly solution.

Marine paints are available in RAL and CPS colors while tailor-made colors are available on request. Finishing options are matt, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

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For sailing or pleasure boats we recommend our other two-component polyurethane based boat paint. This paint has excellent adhesion properties and it is permanently elastic. This specialized boat paint also dries quickly at lower tempreatures, thereby enabling a larger window of opportunity to do your boat maintenance during the off-season.

The paint’s high solid content delivers a very low environmental impact, excellent user-friendliness and suitability for gel-coat, aluminium, steel and fiberglass surfaces. The application of this paint can be above as well as below the water-line.

We offer our boat paints in matt, semi-gloss and high-gloss finish with RAL- and CPS colors, while custom-made colors are also available upon request.

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If you prefer to keep boat’s wooden structure visible we also offer high-gloss clear coat paints. They have a high solid content and excellent weather resistance properties. They do not turn yellow, stay permanently elastic and provide good chemical resistance. Moreover, we recommend our clear coat to be used below the waterline as an environmental alternative to antifouling paints. This ensures easy cleaning and the smooth and solid surface inhibits the organic material to settle on the boat surface.

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Construction paints

Our construction paints have a variety of application areas but the main usages are for painting roofs (metal roofs & roof tiles), tiles and floors.

Roof paints

Roof paints are our best selling products from our product portfolio. Tough, durable, easy & quick to apply. These are all applicable terms when describing our roof paints. They are favoured by painters because of their quick drying time and long paint season, while homeowner enjoy the lasting & durable solution that eliminates worries for years to come. Our roof paints are suitable for different types of metal roofs and roof tiles. Whatever roof you have, PoraColors will have a solution for you. As our roof paint portfolio is quite extensive and applications often very specific we advise you to contact us to discuss your particular needs in more detail.

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Floor paints

Our floor paint provides long term protection, are easy to clean and makes any concrete floor or wall surface look good. It can be applied on new concrete surfaces as well as older, already painted ones. Our floor paints have a very strong surface adhesion, and a high chemical and mechanical resistance. Typical floors in industrial sites are painted with PORADUR, such as production halls, parking garages and warehouses. Our paint has already been used for cold room renovations as it dries also in colder weather conditions.


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Tile paints

Tile paints are the latest addition to our product portfolio and offer a great ‘value for money’ proposition! Instead of removing old, outdated, tiles you can simply coat them with a fresh new color of one of our new tile paints. Our tile paints enable you to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom, toilet, kitchen or sauna for only a fraction of the cost of a re-tiling renovation.



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