Customer benefits

We often get the question: “What makes PORADUR-paints so special?” and our answer is always the same: The properties we were able to attribute to our paints! Properties that support an easier & faster painting process, reliable performance in changing environmental conditions, and consistency of properties over the years. With a unique combination of properties, the highest quality raw material, continuous R&D efforts and developing paints that the market demands we are able to offer our customers an unbeatable set of benefits.

Nowadays there are seven basic elements to which customers contribute value:

Painting process efficiency

An old business wisdom is ‘time is money’ and nobody want to wait to see paint dry. At PoraColors we understand this and therefore we made special efforts to make our paints dry faster. By having higher solid contents and requiring less solvents when applying our paints, they dry faster. That saves our customers’ time and money. Especially the TX (high-build) versions of our paints have an even bigger time-advantage as they can be applied wet-on-wet and therefore do not require any drying time between applying layers (some paint even up to 1 mm thick).

Reliable paint performance in all conditions

Changing environmental conditions should not interfere with a professional’s outside painting work. Whether he is working on a chilly, foggy morning on a roof top or on a hot summer’s day at 12:00, when the sun is at its highest. In any circumstance, he must be able to do his job without any added difficulties. To make that happen PoraColors has added a few extra properties to its paint to make the life of professional painters easier. We added/incorporated for example:

  • Small particle sizes that do not block spray gun nozzles, and ensures good hiding power
  • Not requiring extra heat for the drying process so painters can also work in colder temperatures
  • The ability for paint to dry in a high relative humidity so that the seasonal painting window is longer -> early spring / late autumn
  • Fast drying and strong adherence to almost any surface so that if rain hits the new paint surface it does not get washed away

Long term protection

Our paints, especially our 2K polyurethane paints, are mechanically very strong and tough. That means that average wear-and-tear has little effect on our paints. Once applied our paints provide lasting protection against the elements.

Ultraviolet light (or UV light) is the main cause of colours fading over time. We have all seen older cars and painted surfaces that look “worn” and that have seen “better days”. PORADUR-paints keep painted surfaces optically sound and visually attractive over a long period of time, thereby providing everything an architect and/or home owner would want from a paint.

Any material is more or less sensitive to corrosive environments. Depending on what environments paints are used they get in contact with different corrosive materials such as (sea)salt, hydraulic fluid, cutting oils, etc. PORADUR-paints have an excellent resistance to many know corrosive materials which leads to a long-lasting protection of the covered surfaces and a durable colour consistency.

PoraColors’ paints have a strong adhesion to the base surface and the paint layer itself has great elastic properties. This combination of properties creates and excellent resistance against deterioration of the paint surface due to temperature variations. If you require paint that needs to withstand baking sunshine in the summer and arctic circumstances in the winter then PORADUR-paints are your best choice.

Possibility to expand outdoor painting season

The outdoor painting season can be extended by using PORADUR-paints because:

  • They do not require additional heat for the drying process, so they can also be applied in colder temperatures
  • Applying them can also be done when there is a high relative humidity, as for example in the early spring or late autumn.
  • We deliver fast hardener that we recommend to use in the early spring or late autumn

Environmental and work safety

PORADUR-paints are also environmentally friendly! Their solid contents are high (less paint required to cover a surface) and many individual raw materials are selected on the basis of user- and environmental friendliness. Low environmental impact is coming from the extended maintenance interval. With PORADUR-paints, repainting is only required after twice the time has passed at which a less protective paint needs to be repainted.

Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) is not just limited to our products; our new factory is designed and build according to the latest standards fulfilling the lean principles in the production and enabling energy and waste optimization. We have an outstanding internal recycling of waste material (e.g. packing material, solvents) and moreover, our external partners recycle all materials which we cannot utilize ourselves. In practice, we don’t cause any water, air or soil pollution.

Quick and professional service

We at PoraColors take your needs seriously. If paint has to be delivered quickly to a specific location we take care of the smoothest possible order processing at the mill side and look for the fastest transportation alternatives. In case of any technical questions we take care of quick, but professional answer with necessary reports and instructions.

Customized products & services

PoraColors not only makes and sells paint, we solve problems! If you need a paint with a particular property we can design that paint for you. If you need support or advice on how to deal with paint waste, we can help you. If you want us to train you staff on the use and application of our paint, we are ready to organize your training seminar. We provide everything you need to perfectly coat a surface!