About Us

PoraColors is specialized European paint solution provider. We do not just deliver paint, we solve problems our customers experience and support them in advancing their business.

Our basis lies in the 40+ years of paint-design experience of our co-founder, Petri Porras. We have learned that just delivering paint is not enough. Paint is a high-tech products that requires additional support when handed-over to our customers. PoraColors is therefore no longer just a paint supplier, we have evolved to a reliable, full-circle paint solution partner that helps to solve customers’ problems. We offer nowadays, next to high quality paints, additional solutions for logistics, warehousing, recycling and even provide trainings & knowledge transfer seminars.

When using paint it’s not only about the right colour and a right price. Having the right paint, in the right place and at the right time is also key for our customers. And after a paint-job is finished not having to worry about: did we make compromises in material quality, did end customer surely get long lasting and ecologically sustainable painting result.

The company

Aluks Oy / PoraColors
Business registration FI31307347
Peurankatu 10 A 6
FI-24100, Salo, Finland