Welcome to PoraColors, the paint & coating solution provider of the Nordics.


Paint is much more than a liquid that protects and beautifies. It’s a complex, high-tech product that provides solutions for improving aesthetics, protects against the elements and has to comply with continuously stricter regulations.

Building on the 40+ years of paint-design experience of our co-founder, Petri Porras, PoraColors has created an unmatched portfolio of paint products and services. A portfolio that enables us to serve our customers with any solution they require, regardless of the industry in which they operate.

We support our customers to run their business more efficiently by offering:

  • High quality polyurethane paints, ensuring the right paint for the right job
  • Technical support, executing customer specific R&D projects & consulting services
  • Logistics solutions, providing warehousing & supply chain support
  • Environmental services, giving customers tailored recycling solutions & advise
  • Knowledge transfer, organising customer training & product specific seminars.


R&D services, training, delivering paint, tinting services, technical support, supply chain services, recycling services

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Painting contractors, industrial paint shops, shipyards, shipping companies, manufacturing companies with own paint shops, distributors, sales agents, webstore partners,consumers / end customers, engineering companies, inspectors, supervisor, architects, authorities

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Customer benefits

Painting process efficiency, reliable performance in all conditions, long term protection, expanded outdoor painting season, environmental and work safety, quick and professional service, customized products and services.

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